Honeysuckle And Rose Join Forces In June

June  birth month Rose and Honeysuckle June has been graced with two beautiful flowers as the birth flowers for June. The first is the Honeysuckle, being sweet and bright while the other, the Rose, is colorful and sweet smelling. Both are unique in looks and scent however both are symbolic of love.

Meaning And Symbolism Of The Honeysuckle

The Honeysuckle originated in China however there are now over 40 species of honeysuckle growing in North America and Europe today. The trumpet honeysuckle, woodbine, coral honeysuckle and white honeysuckle are just some of the species that are seen today. As the name of the honeysuckle suggests, this flower has nectar that is sweet and is symbolic of value. The Scottish believes that honeysuckle brings good luck while suitors from the Victorian era were given as a promise of true love. The flowers are extremely attractive to birds while the sweet nectar can be eaten by both humans and birds.


Meaning And Symbolism Of The Rose

June  birth month Rose and HoneysuckleThe Rose has always been a symbol of love and when given as a single stemmed flower takes on the meaning of the color. Since there are so many colors to the rose, there are also just as many meanings attached to it as well. A bouquet of roses is symbolic of gratitude so if you want to show how much you care then a bunch of roses will surely bring your message across. The name of the Rose comes from the Greek word “rhodia” or from the Latin “rosa” and roses have been cultivated for thousands of years. According to the colors of the rose the red one means true love while a pink rose means happiness and friendship. Giving a yellow rose is telling someone that you care while a white rose is symbolic of purity and is also a popular wedding flower. Peach symbolizes desire while an orange rose indicates fascination and then the burgundy rose speaks of the beauty within.


Beliefs Behind The Rose

According to the Greeks and Romans roses were associated with their goddesses of love, namely Venus and Aphrodite. It is also believed that in ancient Rome when matters of confidentiality were being discussed, a wild rose was placed on the door. This June birth flower is also used as a gift for a 15th wedding anniversary. The Rose is not only the National flower for the United States but is the state flower for five American states as well. This fragrant flower will always represent love and all that goes with it for years and years to come.

June  birth month Rose and Honeysuckle